The Delta Riggs


One Way Street Party

Saturday 13 April

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In a time when anonymous online forums have replaced wild parties & dance floors have become parking lots for designer sneakers, The Delta Riggs are taking a stand. As a band that lives to tour, they know the extent of the suffering first hand – they’ve passed through country towns where spirit, lust and adventure have long gone and seen cluttered city streets filled with nine to fivers, paying their bills with much more than money.  Souls and dreams lay on the line here.

Too many good folks have been swallowed by a beige wave of recycled pop, seemingly lost in an inoffensive indie undertow. We live in a society too bored to fight back against spoon-fed mediocrity, but The Delta Riggs are here for those who’ve had enough.

In a foot-stomping frenzy of hair, stick-it-to-the-man attitude and swampy blues, The Delta Riggs feel what you feel and express it exactly how you want it, with frustration and aggression, or joy and celebration. The ‘Riggs shine a light on the reasons why Rock ‘n’ Roll shall always be a thing of the people, for the people… Now get on board and lets get this thing together.